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Sunday, August 06, 2006

My head hurts

I doubt this will be a post anything close to stellar, largely due to the amounts of Stella we consumed last night ! J's birthday bash was a great night out with all our closest friends there and everyone having fun, good times. Before we went out Hurricane came down to mine in the afternoon and I was playing another $20 rebuy $4k GTD on Doyles Room. We played well, and made it to the bubble even though my AA split a pot with A4o on the way there when I was desperate to get hold of some chips. I got a bubble hand of AKo in my BB, and it was raised in EP, called by the button and I decided to push, the EP raiser folded and the button called with 99, I flopped an A and nearly tripled up, which was just what I needed. 20 minutes later we were at the final table during which I witnessed a terrible play by a guy bluffing into a side pot that he no business being involved in. That bluff let one player stay in who should have been busted and put the other guy on tilt. It was poor play and the whole table commented so in the chat. The bluffer just said "I needed the chips". Well after that ugly debacle I folded 55 in my BB to an UTG allin, though I probably should have called it and taken a flip. 3 hands later I get QQ against the idiot who bluffed the side pot. He raises in MP, I push from the SB, he calls me with A4 off... and flops an ace. Oh well, people do funny things in the heat of the moment at final tables. I finished 7th/270 for a $240 score.

At the restuarant where J had his meal they have flat screen internet PC's in the booths so we played a little poker on PokerRoom while we drank and ate. Hurricane ran our initial $25 buyin up to $80 in the space of about 20 minutes by playing every hand and bluffing every pot. It was nice work and fun to watch, with so much action even the friends who were there who don't play poker found it entertaining. After dinner we were onto shots (cowgirls and psychopaths) so we left the restuarant and went clubbing. In the club we were near the door for a while and needed some more action, so Hurricane and did a prop bet on whether the next person through the front door would be a guy or a girl. I took girl and lost the next three bets ! Fortunately we then went double-or nothing on the last bet and a stunning blonde walked in. So I only lost what H had made for me on the poker earlier anyway.

After dancing the rest of the night away we all went back to Ben's to party a while and I got home around 4am. Today I'm playing some more tourneys and will most likely play in the 1M GTD tonight because if I get lucky enough to go deep I dont have to get up early tomorrow for work.


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