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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday Tourney

I finished 38/459 in the $18 rebuy $20k GTD on Doyles, 27 paid. After getting nothing in the rebuy hour and buying back in once for the minimum, I took the addon for a total buyin of $54. I was lucky enough to catch a couple of hands against loose players and then doubled up when I got AA in the small blind, raised 3.5x and the BB who just about had me covered called, I checked the rainbow 10-8-3 flop and BB bet the pot, I reraised allin and he called with 10-6 off, my aces held and I was in with a chance of going deep.

For the next 2 hours the only playable hands I got were UTG, which made it really hard to get paid off and mostly I just got the blinds when I raised in that position. I was maintaining my stack but not growing it at all and the blinds were catching up. Finally with an M of around 8 or 9, I get KdJd in the BB, it's minimum raised from middle position and there's one caller. I called as well but probably should have pushed to try and get them out of the hand. The flop came 2-4-4 with 2 diamonds and I pushed without hesitation, the original raiser folded and the caller in between thought for a while and then called with 9c9s, not a bad spot to be in, I had 15 outs twice - 9 outs to the flush plus the 3 kings and jacks. None of them came and I busted out. I'm reasonably happy but can't help feeling if I'd made a couple more attempts to be aggressive earlier I could've worked a better finish out of this one.

Whilst playing the tourney I had a couple of .25-.50 tables open at Stars because I need 1000 FPPs to get my deposit bonus. I worked my $50 buyin at both those tables up to $100 playing ABC poker and then left, so I have 527 of my thousand points earned.


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