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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Not a great deal to say today, work is still insanely busy and I'm working on an application now that seems to have been built using "chaos theory". It has a life of it's own and every day throws up new surprises that need instant solutions.

The last few nights I've been on the chat a fair bit with the uk bloggers. It's good to talk, thanks to them my evenings have been relaxing, and watching them play or joining sng's together has helped me forget about the beats at work and concentrate on my play or the chat instead. I won one of these sit 'n' go's last night, which was nice. But it's all over so quickly in sng's that I'm almost always left feeling unsatisfied !

Last night I also played the $20 rebuy $8k gtd at ladbrokes. I think I got a bit too loose near the bubble, but I'm not sure I might just be being results oriented. 20 places paid. With 32 left I was in third place, then with 27 left I was in 20th, and with 24 left I was in 23rd. Once I was up to 3rd place I took 3 coinflips against shorter stacks, none of which went my way. Then my AQ ran into AK and the final nail in the coffin was when I pushed 99 into KQo in a battle of the blinds and the river was a Q. I guess the luck didn't run my way, but I probably didn't need to trust to luck on so many decisions in. There were other equally viable ways to have played it. I finished 22nd out of 263.


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