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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hump day

Wednesday's are hump day, and today it's insanely pressured at work, poker's a much nice prospect than this sometimes, and I didn't even win last night ! I doubt I could "work" at poker full time, but on day's like this it's a nice fantasy escape route to stop me getting too stressed. Please forgive the even worse than usual grammer and typo's, hey at least I sorted out my font so that apostrophes and pound signs don't go all screwy anymore

Short post I expect, as I don't have much time to elaborate. I'm mostly trying to win entry to the WCOOP this week, the satellites will see my bankroll drop a little, but I've basically accepted that I'll give $300 to the cause, which should be enough to get one seat if not more. First satellite - $5 rebuy, 7 out of 170 get seats, I had a rollercoaster of tourney (I didn't many reads cause I wasn't concentrating all the time) and end up busting 26th.
$3 rebuy $10k gtd (my usual weekday tourney) got a decent stack early (18k) which got halved when my JJ ran into 10-8 off allin preflop 10 minutes before the end of the rebuy and he flopped two pair. That's why I sit out sometimes once I've got 12k in rebuys. The last 10 minutes can be annoying and the extra chips you could gain are worth less than the ones you could lose. Anyway, about 45 mins into the tournament proper I get KsJs and call a 3x raise from the guy next to me in MP. The flop comes KQ4 with two diamonds, original raiser bets the pot and (this is hideous) I just call. The turn is the 5c and the raiser bets the pot again and (this is even worse) I just call again. The river is the 8 of diamonds and the raiser bets 3/4 of the pot (brace yourselves) I push to bluff the flush or hope my King is good I'm not sure which and the original raiser calls with A4, suited in diamonds for the nut flush. That was horrible horrible play and it's basically cause I didn't know the player and didn't know where I was so I was really indecisive and let him bluff his draw at me. I haven't played a hand that badly in weeks.

I didn't feel too bad about it, I knew what I was doing wrong and not playing well. I stopped for half an hour and refocussed on the rowing machine. When I came back I played a couple more of the double shootout satellites. Got busted headsup at the first stage in one and finished 5th at the second stage in another. Played better.

Then the most pleasant part of the night came around when I hooked up with Acorn, Rosie and MiasDad on the girlie-chat-thing and played a sit and go at laddies with them. I took out Acorn on the second hand when my Q10o in the BB flopped a straight, then I sat tight and should have stayed that way, but I tried to get cheeky against Rosie when I raised 8h10h, she called and we saw a 9 high rag flop with one heart. I bet, Rosie raised and I reraised I think. Rosie called and then pushed the turn when another rag heart fell, I could have called on the draw but I gave it up, it's so long since I played a SNG, I forget what I'm supposed to do ! Rose told me in the chat she had 77, nice play !

Played for a little while longer after that on the crazy laddies cash tables, I think I'll be hitting them a bit more often, they are even more crazy than 2 and a half years ago when I first played there. OK, for now, I'm back to work. Enjoyed playing with you folks, gg, hope to speak to you again soon.


Blogger Rosie said...

I really enjoyed playing with you too! Good luck with the WCOOP. I'm sure you'll make it

11:30 am  

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