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Friday, September 29, 2006

Plan B

So, it turns out that playing $2/4 with a $6k bankroll is way out of my comfort zone. Don't ask me why, I just don't know, mostly it's psychological, having $6k at a site and thinking that it's possible, though unlikely to lose that amount. Playing at $1/2 I'm fine, no probs, but $2/4 just does me in at the moment. For the first time in months I didn't even enjoy the game because I was so uncomfortable. It's been immensly valuable though, and having cashed out $3,500 to neteller and dropped a limit I'm feeling good when playing again. Wierd how such a technically small step can be such a large psychological gulf, but that's the beauty of poker. Anyway, I'm sure I'll learn to overcome it in time, just now is not quite the time.

As soon as I cashed out I felt better about everything, and made a quick $300 at $1/2 thanks to some smoother play and good hands. Then I was back onto the tournament trail last night, playing the $20 rebuy at doyles and a $25 rebuy satellite for Sunday's wcoop main event. The Doyle rebuy went pretty smoothly, I went deep enough, finishing just shy of the money at 39th out 436 when I raced KQ against TT and didn’t hit, still I was happy with the plays I made and enjoyed the game. In the rebuy satellite things went pretty smoothly too, after all the rebuys and addons, 3 seats were up for grabs for the 130 entrants to fight for, each worth $2,500 + 100, and me ? well, I spent $102 and I got me one of them seats ! The satellites which I entered cost me $162 overall, so I've turned some nice value out of them.

As you can probably tell, after feeling totally out of my depth at the start of this week, poker and me have kissed and made up. I'm loving the game again and looking forward to another fun and challenging weekend ahead. Good luck at the tables.


Blogger Juice said...

good luck in the big tournement today!

3:08 pm  

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