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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Last night I took a shot at 2/4 NL. Within twenty minutes I was down a buyin after my Queens were rivered by Jacks. I rebought, knowing it was normal. Within an hour I was down another half a buyin after my 8's full of Jacks were beaten by 8's full of Aces. Again, there's not a huge amount I can do to avoid that. Even given that this is a perfectly normal, if rare, experience at NL cash games the amounts are putting me on tilt. I kept playing and won back half a buyin, but the I'm not adjusting properly to the game, I don't think my bankroll is big enough for me to be comfortable playing at this level yet, seeing as I am still thinking like "wow that's a $400 pot" instead of seeing the game clearly with the chips telling the story. I see the money instead of the story and that's mean I can't be playing right, so I'm taking a step back, at least until I feel more confident about these levels.

I'm not disappointed, it's really good for me to define a level of where my game is at. It reminds me of the distance there is yet to go, and but also how much I've learned so far. Good Luck if you're trying to qualify for the WCOOP main event this week, that's what I'll be doing, so I may just see you at the tables.


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