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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dark Days

Americans, I feel very bad for you today, you have such a great country, and the majority of you are wonderful people. It's unfortunate that your politicians always let you down. I don't think the bill that passed in the US would get through the house of lords over here, at least I hope it wouldn’t. It seems like our countries are going in opposite directions, the UK has only just licensed the building of large vegas-style casino's. I suppose from a politicians point of view they just see society deteriorating, answers to which I difficult to find, and so anything bad or perceived as bad that they can ban they will, just to make it look like theyre doing something useful. More than anything else what has woken me up a bit is this line of comments on the BBC's website. Everyone I know, including my parents and work colleagues, knows about poker and understands to a greater or lesser degree that poker is a game of skill, rather than chance. The comments on the BBC remind me that are there are many uninformed opinions out there with loud voices, and I don't know how to respond to them, should I try to educate them ? Do they want to be educated ? Should I argue with them ? I can't just leave them alone when they are voices making themselves heard can I ? I don't know the answers, so we'll just have to see what develops around this I guess. One things for sure, the Nanny State is growing strong and powerful and if we don't do something to stunt the growth, soon she'll be too big for us to stop, next time it will be about something far more precious to us than just playing a game.

I hope we don't have to face the same fight over here in the uk, thankfully it seems unlikely, and if there's anything we can do to help you in the meantime just give us a shout.


Blogger The Edge said...


The world is full of stupid people waiting to give us their money. It's a pity that governments feel a need to protect them.

The Edge.

2:26 pm  

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