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Thursday, October 12, 2006


As if any were ever needed, this is proof that PokerStars is the greatest poker site on the net. I always had a feeling that if anyone was going to stand up and test this law it was going to be Stars, a site that has always made me feel like it was more about the game than the rake. (exactly the opposite of Party) God luv em !

Meanwhile, I myself haven't been playing much at all. 5 days of feeling sick to work = way to sick to play poker properly, so I just didn’t bother, and the break is always good to freshen things up. So I played ok last night, won a few dollars in some small cash games and got back into the groove. I'd hit a downward slide on attention and focus lately, so a small break seems to have done wonders. A couple of days of small cash games and then I'll try and go deep in some more tourneys come the weekend.


Blogger Juice said...

I wonder how they will accept payments from US players. Cheque perhaps?

2:53 pm  

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