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Thursday, November 23, 2006


I got to the point where I had a few heads up last night, with me ending up on the wrong side of all of them. Two more $13 satellites to Sunday's main event and two more busts when from my perspective I had the guy "in my pocket" Unfortunately that's the thing, from their perspective I'm sure it was the other way around. The first guy told me that "he owned me" despite him playing such a basic strategy it let me back in the game twice from being outchipping me 6-1. Eventually it took KK and QQ on consecutive hands for him to be able to win. He thought he played well I thought he played terribly, but he went through... perspective.

In the next one when we got HU again and this time I was a 2-1 leader, on the second hand he pushed 9-10o and I called with A-3o, the 9-9-4 flop was a killer. Three hands later I pushed the hammer and it refused to beat his AJ. I'm sure that guy was convinced he outplayed me too.

Life never gets any easier, but poker at least always gets better that your last bust or bad beat, part of what I love about the game is that at helps me keep my perspective on real life. It even's my keel so that on a bad day things aren't as bad as what some people do at the table, and on an awesome day I can keep my cool cause things still aren't as awesome as when I won such-and-such a tournament.

Just booked a mini pre-christmas shopping break, from the 16-20th December. Hopefully between now and then I can earn some $$'s to spend on pressies !


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