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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lots of play

I played for about 4 hours last night, and really enjoyed it. I had 3 $.25/.50 tables open on Stars with $50 on each and one tourney at the same time. The cash games were largely uneventful save for a 5 minute rush around 10.20pm when I made 3 sets and 2 full boats and got paid pretty well on each. I was a great run and gave me some encouragement after a boring evening.
The tourneys didn't go great, the first was a satellite to another EPT satellite. It was great value with only 32 entrants but unfortunately the blinds caught up with me and I decided to push my A9 from the SB when a loose player min raised in late position. Unfortunately the one player who could cause a problem with this move (the BB) woke up with AQ and called to send me home.
The other tourney I played was the doyles rebuy, it went reasonably good until I trapped with KK against another laggy player. I limped, he raised, I called. The flop was 4-7-10 rainbow and I checked intending to check-raise. He pushed and I called in an instant. He had 4-8 sooted. The turn was a 4 ! So that hand took like half my stack and it never really recovered.
The main thing I noticed last night was that I am doubting some money away through weakness. A couple of months ago where I would have committed myself 100% based on my read and pushed my stack if thats what it took to win the hand I am now playing a bit weaker and it's costing me. I am certain that this is just a couple of hundred hands away from returning to me but at the moment it is a little frustrating to feel that I am playing to only 70% of my (limited) ability.


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