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Monday, January 08, 2007

Ignorance is bliss..

.. especially when it's about how other people see you. Still it's better to have your eyes open than be blind to it, even if it is difficult to accept. As is perception, so to reality, so it's time to start changing. Anyway, I best not get into juicy details (even though it would make a more interesting blog!).

Poker - played awesomely yesterday if I do say so myself, and enjoyed almost every minute of it. After registering for a 2-table sat to the Sunday Million and then getting sidetracked so I didn't even play a hand before I was blinded out.. Oops! I later came back to my machine and registered for the $8 turbo rebuy satellite. There were around 670 entrants and 79 places to the big one. I played good, was in the top 20 for the majority of the time and after seeing my pocket 8's hold up against AJ in the latter stages I was able to sit comfortably and wait for others to drop to pick up my entry.

In the Million itself I played good too, it's a great feeling thinking back to 6 months ago when this tourney was still a big deal for me. I've played so many of them now that it sits within my comfort zone and I can play it to the best of my ability most of the time. In the first hour I stacked up nicely to 15k thanks mostly to a set of K's which a guy with just a pair of 6's in the hole though I was bluffing with. Things were ticking along toward the second break when I ran into bad luck against the two weakest players at our table.

With a stack of 18k and the blinds at 300-600 I was dealt Jd Js in MP and raised to 1600. The button, who one can only describe as "my only move is to push" went allin for 12k. Then to my surprise the BB, who had called against my trip K's early also went allin for 15k. Ordinarily I probably would have laid this down, but I was fairly sure the BB didn't have me beat yet and I had a wide range for the button because he would push many hands just because he couldn't play a flop. I called it and was up against the buttons 10c10h and the BB's AdKh. Everything looked good when the flop was 9c-5c-5s, a turn of the 7c looked good too, but I was struck down by the 4c on the river, giving the button a flush and hurting me badly. I still had the small side pot, but my stack was down to around 8k. Couple of orbits later and with the blinds having gone up I pushed KhJh from the cutoff. The BB (the "my only move is push" guy) called my bet with A-10 off suit. He hit his ten and IGHN. Nevermind, good decisions, bad luck. There'll always be a next week !


Blogger Tilted_Halibut said...

Hey, just a note to say just discovered this blog and enjoy your writing - keep it up!

And if you are ever back in Amsterdam drop me a line!

1:10 am  

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