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Friday, February 02, 2007

Mixed Bag

It's been a tricky week in many ways, it must be something to do with the full moon. Monday saw a $30 profit on the cash tables, Tuesday was tough-beat day and I finished the evening $80 down after being stacked not once but 3 times at .25/.50, 3 stacks=$150 so at least I made a little back. Quick summary is trips rivered by flush, FH beated by better FH (both flopped a set) and TPTK beated by a LAGG who happened to have AA this time. Ok, so getting stacked with TPTK is dumb, maybe I was a little tilty by then, maybe my read was off.

Anyway, Wednesday was Tottenham v Arsenal in the Carling Cup Semi Final which I watched in the pub with Hooks and Action Rich. Arsenal were lucky to win 3-1 thanks to two goals in Extra Time. The game was mostly cagey until the last 15 minutes of normal time when it suddenly came to life and bubbled with tension. Good game. Finally yesterday I played another $11 MTT for a seat in the Sunday Warm Up, which has much better starting times than the main Million. 54 entered and 2 places paid. Hitting Kings, Aces, and Flopping Quad 9's all within the first 90 minutes helped stack me up to 9k chips early. With only 81k in the whole tournament I was in a cracking position and could easily pick my spots until we were down to 7, when I had to make some calls to bust shorter stacks. Unfortunately 4 shorties doubled up off me and it evened up the whole table (worst one was KJ v my JJ but you don’t need to hear all that) Anyway I survived with some stealing until we got to 4 remaining, then got lucky with 99 v the chip leaders TT when I rivered a straight and finally after a few more hands and busts I finished in the top two for a Sunday seat. Pretty pleased with that. The best thing about the Million on Sunday is the thought, even if its just for a couple of hours, that you might be able to phone work on Monday at 7am and say sorry I've just won over $100,000 so I'm taking a duvet day today !

I'll leave you with best wishes for a great weekend at the tables and in life and direct you to one of my favourite posts I ever read. Hop on over to Bills Blog and see what you think about High Variance Poker vs. Low Variance Poker.


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