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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Richest Race In The World

Tomorrow we get to watch some of the greatest horses in the world compete for the biggest prize money available. The race schedule is as follows :

Kahayla Classic 2000m Dirt US$250,000
2.40 -
Godolphin Mile 1600m Dirt US$1,000,000
3.15 -
UAE Derby 1800m Dirt US$2,000,000
3.55 -
Golden Shaheen 1200m Dirt US$2,000,000
4.55 -
Sheema Classic 2400m Turf US$5,000,000
5.40 -
Dubai Duty Free 1777m Turf US$5,000,000
6.30 -
Dubai World Cup 2000m Dirt US$6,000,000

Big Money = Best Thoroughbreds and these races are very exciting for that reason.

The big highlight is the World Cup, as Twister says "Invasor vs Discreet Cat is the biggest dirt clash for many years. They're the two top rated in the world and the only occasion one of them was beaten was by the other."

I'm backing Invasor and Twister's on the Cat so we'll have some fun rivalry on the night. My hunches on some of these races are as follows :

2.40 : Fusaichi Richard
3.55 : Kellys Landing
4.55 : Sir Percy
5.40 : Pompeii Ruler
6.30 : Invasor

Don't coming running to me though if you back 'em and they turn into donkeys, I aint professing to be a tipster and I'll probably be 0-fer-5 by 6.45pm !

Played one $10 180 on Stars last night whilst chatting with BurnleyMik, Sir Fortune and YorkshirePud not much happened really, it was late, I was tired, I made a play based entirely on a read in the end which proved completely wrong as I was trying to read an idiot. Anyway, I did have one have fun moment in the tourney, as you can see...

Don't forget tonight it's Katitude's B'dayment... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT !

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Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Yeah I saw the flopped Quads, it was beautful!!! GL with the Horses mate.



5:19 pm  
Blogger The Cloud said...

Great play in the blogger tournament. A well deserved win - and I thought your hammer play at the end was a great way to finish it - really in the spirit of the game.

We seem to keep running into eachother!!

I've added your blog to my list btw.

8:56 am  

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