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Friday, April 27, 2007

Groove back

Things are gradually returning to normal in my life, the lounge is basically complete now and so I'll be moving onto bedroom decorating shortly, I have another week off work soon so I'll get it done then. Last night I played half an hour of poker. It seems strategy has changed in the last week, some asshat showed me that calling a raise, reraise, call and reraise again to $21 on a .50/1 table is a really great move with A7o cause you’re Ace is definitely gonna hit and crack my KK. I guess I'm only complaining about this cause I haven't played much, if I was still putting in 500 hands a night I wouldn't have blinked an eye. Therefore the aim for this weekend is to get in some monster hours playing again, winning poker is a state of mind more than anything, and getting used to the rhythm of the cards falling again is the best way to get that state of mind back.

Damn, blogging feels good. Already just writing it down makes me realise how funny that hand was, how much of a losing player that guy must be, how great poker is. My centre of balance of has been restored !

See you at the tables.


Blogger MiasDaddy said...

I thought you'd have blogged by now! Congrats on your 2nd victory, see you next time.


12:47 pm  

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