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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Moving Up and Moving Out

It's been a busy week for me, on Thursday my flat passed contract and I now have my own little piece of Jersey. So I've been mostly packing and unpacking and that's going to be the score for the rest of the weekend too. Depending how things go I might be late to tomorrows britbloggerment, hopefully I'll have the internet sorted at the new gaff by then.

I've still played a bit of poker this week though, and decided to take a shot with my winnings from last weekend on betfairs site. The software isn't brilliant, but you get used to it, and the crazy play makes up for it. I started out on Tuesday night playing $2.5/5 and dropped $300 in short order when my set of 4's was cracked by a set of A's. I felt that I was on my game though so I stayed at the table and after a couple of hours I'd make it back plus $100 more. Last night I was there again but playing 1/2 as there aren't a lot of players on the site and the 2/5 game was empty.

It was a very good game, within 10 minutes I'd worked out there were two players who'd bought in short and were just playing very very tight. One other guy was up to $800 off his original $200 buyin, but this guy was playing EVERY single hand, and was a whale if ever i've seen one. Two other guys were on tilt from the way he was playing and the rest were just patiently waiting to get there money in with the best of it against this guy.

For an hour and half he hit his gutshots, runner-runners and two-outers. He got his stack up to $1200 and players came and went. Then I doubled up against him with KK on A2KAJ board when he held dueces. 3 other players did the same. He was down to $600 but continued playing every hand. By 4am he was down to $300. Then I got KK again and raised it up, 4 callers. The flop was QJ4, I bet out and a small stack shoved, the whale reraised to about $70, I thought this was dodgy since although he was a fish he rarely bet without a very good hand. I shoved all my chips in anyway and he quickly called with QJ. The turn was the A of spades. Imagine my relief when a beautiful ten of hearts fell on the river ! I'd got lucky but that's poker. He left the table after that and so did all the rest of us, it was fun while it lasted but we all new the easy game was over now, time to get some rest and look for him again tomorrow :o)

Gotta run and do some more packing now, hopefully catch you all tomorrow.


Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Congratulations on the new pad mate!! Hope to see you tonight, you have to defend that crown!!



5:37 pm  

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