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Friday, June 01, 2007

Geek !

OK, I'll get the bad beat out of the way first, I played 2 hands in the bloggerment last Sunday. Re-raised 6x with AK from the Big Blind got TWO callers, one of which was Kat with Jack-Ten ! Flop had 2 Jacks and I lost about 600 chips. Then reraise Juice's UTG raise by going allin when I had QQ in the BB on the next orbit. He calls and turns an Ace to send me home. You see weird statistical stuff in poker sometimes, that's why people claim it's rigged, in our tourney this Sunday you could have been mistaken for thinking the same, in the first hour that I played/watched for people were dropping like flies and it was all big hand vs big hand, no donkey stuff just a dealer with a off sense of the statistical norm !
Anyways, I'm over the shock of that early exit now, as Kat said "Holy-pushfest-batman" sometimes tourneys just go that way.

Suffolk Punch asked how you put the flags on your links, well in your template where you keep all your links you just put it in like this Suffolk Punch
. Ah, of course my post is rendering the HTML, ok, just on this post click view source at the top and then search for Suffolk Punch and you'll see the code that creates the link with a flag, hopefully. If I was a better geek I'd be able to show HTML without having to tell you to do this !

My excuse for the bloggerment by the way is that I was around at a friends house having a LAN party. It only took 3 hours to get 7 PC's set up and we had a good time getting wasted at Counter Strike. Being a bank holiday weekend this was pretty much all we did and it's probably pretty much all we're gonna do this weekend in between watching the Derby.

Good luck with your bets on teh weekend!


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