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Friday, July 27, 2007

Bring it back...

Played a lot for me last night and really enjoyed it again. I had a cracking first hour in the 15k gtd doubling up three times with Aces but then my cards ran out and it got to a push and hope moment which saw my QJ go bust to 33. I played 3 cash games while that was on and ran up a buyin at .25/.50 which was nice. Took a break when I busted out of the tourney and watched BB (yer sad I know!) Finally around 11pm I went to bed for an early night and checked out my FT and Betfair accounts, both of which are looking like closing if I don't build them up. So I joined a $10 SNG on FT, a $2.50 SNG on Betfair and another $10 SNG on FT. Things went very smoothly for me and my big hands got paid off, I took 2nd and 3rd on FT and 1st on Betfair. Then I went to sleep, happy in the knowledge I can still play poker without feeling like a complete muppet.

On another note, it is clear to me that when I get on my holier-than-thou high horse about people playing out of their bankrolls I have a big advantage. I don't put my current online BR up here, so no-one can say aha ! Look at you Tan you donked away $1k in the last week. To correct that I'll actually put up some "scores" at the end of the next post, just so you can see how it's going.


Blogger dD said...

you really really really should not admit the bb thingy in public ...

nice results btw :)



5:14 pm  
Blogger Kenn said...

BB - you girls blouse lol aahhaahhaahhaah

anyway welcome back mate

11:18 am  

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