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Monday, July 09, 2007

For your pleasure...

Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand, it's the Monkey !

He doesn't do any tricks, he just sits there feeling stupid, which is why really he should be on the blogs of the people who took chips off me. But I'm not gonna sit and and cry about it because that makes me look bitter and makes the blog kinda shit to read. If I need to make excuses (I don't) but I'll use the fact that I was also starting to go deep in the $15k gtd on Stars at the time the bloggerment began, unfortunately that didn't last either and I finished 218th out of 2,342 entries. I went out when my straight+flush draw went allin against a lower straight+flush draw and he made the J high straight flush ! The 9 of diamonds was the one card I didn't want to see hit the river ! Still pleased with the way I played though, top 10% in a big field like that is pleasing but I thought I was going to go proper deep this time.

I didn't play a huge amount last week, despite my best intentions. Couple of one table sng's on betfair got me a 2nd and 3rd place finish, so I continue to build the bankroll there. The third place came from AA beaten by 44, but the way the hand played we were both getting it in preflop 3 handed so it was one of the rarer occassions when the fall of the cards dictates whether you double up or go home. Might try to play some more this week as I'm starting to feel the game come to me again rather than me forcing it and that's usually a good sign.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cute ... and you kept him !

spill the beans ... who donk called you in the bloggerment ??



11:08 am  
Blogger BurnleyMik said...

The first person to keep the monkey for TWO weeks!!!!!

I told you was happy here, in fact so happy he had a word with the dealer at pokerstars! ;o)

UL Sir. Glad to hear the feel for the game is returning.



12:49 am  

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