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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1 Month and 2 days

Since I last wrote something up and boshed it here for public consumption. Whassup with that ? My addiction to the cause has waned slightly, mostly due to other commitments. There was my usual couple of weeks at the start of the month for the battle of flowers, which we won, again. Then the weather's been great which has allowed me and my friends to use the boat and have some great days out near the beach. (our fishing rods have been stolen though, mofo's) On top of that the flat is coming along but still needs constant attention, cleaning, decorating ! Therefore I'm copping out on the whole "look after yourself" thing and getting a cleaner in asap for a couple of hours a week to do the stuff that's just boring and annoying. That might give me time to start playing again, if I'm not knackered when I get home from work.
Life's about quality not quantity though right ?!

Other distractions this month :



Blogger dD said...

so very true mate.

glad to hear u r alive and kicking !



12:33 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hi, can you change the link to my blog? My old one got hacked so I've had to start a new one!



2:39 pm  

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