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Monday, October 22, 2007


Completed my objective on Friday of booking Monday off work. Had everyone round on Saturday for the Rugby World Cup Final, which England lost. I did play a bit of poker though and played alright, with more concentration at last. Excellent, I thought, I'll get up early on Sunday, qualify for the Sunday Million, win a Full Tilt token to the "Big Game" and play the bloggerment. Except I was guzumped by my bloody adsl connection ! Aaargh. It's been 100% uptime for at least a year and the one day I really want the 'net it's not there !

In the end I got connected for about 2 minutes and got to see the final 4 of the BritBloggerment. Today it's back to normal like nothing ever happened. On top of all that Lewis Hamilton couldn't finish 5th or better to win the F1 championship and my very good friends R&R have had even more bad news, which puts all these silly moans into real perspective. Sorry for your loss mate, stay strong, things will get better.


Anonymous Peter said...

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Blogger TanOrpheus said...

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10:25 pm  

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