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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Points mean prizes !

Some really tasty blogging competitions announced this week...


Dusk Till Dawn Team Challenge

that's enough to make anyone join


and start playing again !

Thanks for comments guys and girls, nice to know someone's still paying attention ! No knews on the Monday Holidays yet, I've gone allin by insisting it's either that or christmas week, or I'll have to roll-over the days to next year (which they'll want to avoid) I've found a new bath, basin and kitchen sink for the flat which are in mint condition and are a steal at £90 for the lot. So this week I am mostly learning about plumbing, fitting blinds and also feeding my mates pet corn snake, which eats defrosted mice !

Be good, i'll be back before you know it.


Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Cheers for the pimpage tan!!!

Are the American blogger events still run at like 2am UK time? I would to get involved, but it's usually either too late or i am working... Is this new one the same?

11:12 pm  
Blogger TanOrpheus said...

Yeah they're still crappy times for UK players, like ours is crappy for them. I'm going to try and play in some of the events though if I've got any time off work !

8:26 am  

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