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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Everyone's trying to accomplish something

I had a very good night last night, I made dinner and watched tv until 7. That's the time I always used to start playing. Making myself comfortable on the reclining sofa I fired up 3 sites and 4 tables, DTD (cash game), Full Tilt ($5 45-man) and Stars sat to Sunday million and cash game. The Stars game felt slow but there were always the others to keep me occupied and my attention span was reasonably good. Things were ticking along and after about an hour I busted from the Stars satellite on some unmemorable hand. 10 minutes later I had a hand on the cash table vs a rock where I turned the nut straight and he was betting the pot into me. I actually had a read for once that the guy had trips and then greed got the better of me and instead of reraising there and then. When the river paired the board I should have been able to fold but instead I let the guy stack me with his rivered quads !

Shortly after that mistake the DTD game stopped due to technical difficulties (not really a surprise once I checked and found it was on the craptologic network) and so I was left with my Full Tilt game and I'd been stacking up nicely. I didn't note many of the hands save for KK coming up 3 times for me at the Final Table and me getting paid off twice. Anyway I finished a mighty second and felt pretty pleased with it.

So, I stopped, and watched the Adam Sandler film "Click" which is better than most of his films. Not that his films are bad, just this is one of the better ones. That finished around 10pm and I settled into bed for an early night with a great book, cool drink and fired up the laptop with another FullTilt $5-45man. I busted 20th in that one so I started one last $10-45man, this one I finished 6th in, doubling my money which was nice and during that game I had the occasional moment where I started to feel the interest again, on hands I wasn't playing but were interesting none the less.

I wont tempt fate yet so let's just say the winds are fair and the omens look good.


Blogger Cell 1919 said...

Sounds like a blissful evening!

Not sure about reading and playing poker in bed (it takes all my energy to do one of those activities), but the wife's away next week so I might play Sky Poker and watch (my undoubtedly hilarious demise) from under my duvet, played out in front of me using my new wireless link :)

7:02 pm  

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