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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fair winds on the tables

Greetings and salutations, hope you've had a good weekend and that you administered more bad beats than you took. I've started my pre-christmas week off work and things have generally been going my way since thursday night.

For instance, getting down to two tables in a 45-SNG with twice as many chips as the next man

You would have hoped that it's certainly winnable from there and thanks to a rush of great cards at the end it was

I also took down 6th in 180-SNG, shame I'm not in the RTR challenge they've got going on over there at the moment

And won an $11 seat to the Sunday Hundred Grand in a $2 tourney with 216 players that paid out 39 entries. Not that I needed to satellite in, but any tourney practice is good tourney practice.

Sunday was another good evening's play, I hit up the 45's on FTP again and took 3rd and 5th in two $5 games, then played a $10 game and this happened :

Nice for my bankroll at FTP :) in less than a week it's grown from just under $30 to just over $300. So tonight, if I can stay up til 3am I'm gonna spend a bit of that cash playing Monday at the Hoy with our US counterparts... keep the coffee coming !


Blogger Cell 1919 said...

What a lovely set of results. Well played :)

1:21 pm  

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