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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

This'll be my last post before Christmas unless I lucksack my way into winning a mahoosive tournament tonight. So have a great time and have fun with your families. I hope santa brings you what you want.

The jolly man in red and white has continued to be kind to me for the most part. I'm cashing in approx 50% of the 45-man tourneys that I play in, but them being $5 baby tournaments perhaps it's not necessary for me to put up a screen every time I cash. My bankroll at FTP is up to $400 now, which is a nice balance to have for playing with at christmas. I did start to get lazy by Sunday, not giving all games my full attention, and my last few results reflect that.

Managed to play a lot of blogger games though and that was a helluva lotta fun. If only the time-divide across the pond was smaller it could happen more often. Or maybe I need a job that starts at midday. One suckout to report from the british blogger tourney last night, I pushed 8d 9d in the SB and got called in the BB by Cell's AQ, as expected I hit two pair to bust Cell and double up. Sorry Cell, Happy Christmas ! We were both short stacked and I was pushing with any two on Cells BB for a couple of orbits before the call. I busted when either I made a dumb semi-bluff or someone else made a dumber call. When I get home and look at the HH again I may post it up if I think it's worth the hassle and discussion.

Finally I grabbed the below from Kat's blog, had to post up this one. If you need a suckout, if no one else can help, if you can find him...

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Have a good one !


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