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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bang !!

When my brother was little and I was littler, and something wound him up, he'd walk into the nearest room and scream BANG! to let it all out.

If you read here and follow my expoits you'll probably get the impression that this is a "fair weather" poker blog. I mostly post the highlights, tell ya when things are going well and don't mention it when I'm running bad. The only reason things are that way is because I think it's boring to tell you how many busts or suckouts I've had on any given day. I get plenty, but I play a reasonably even keeled game and only let the excitement of a win really come to me after the result, and playing lots of small field MTTs (up to 180's) you soon get used to fact that most of the time you'll be busting at some point, suckout or not. So what goods it gonna do moaning ?

HOWEVER, sometimes, on the third day of smoking abstinence, after a busy day at work thinking how great it is that I'm loving the game again, and after only 4 hours sleep due to trying to play the Bodonkey on a "school night", the poker gods decided to really kick me in the bollocks.

Just to test my resolve a little !

Love it. No really ! I'm beginning to fall in love with it again, even if I do get a 'Bang!' night once in a blue moon :o)


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