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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Coffee... Keep it coming !

Pretty knackered again this morning, after staying up late (4am) last night playing the Blogger Razz Skill game. I was running ok until I got moved tables and sat next to Waffles, something happened and I became the anti-donk-donk which meant I made I some really dumb folds when I was priced in to calling with just about anything. At least it got a laugh ! I really enjoy these blogger games and they do help me learn new stuff, so I've been wondering about sleep patterns and whether its easy to change them and +EV in the long run. Bigger fields late in the night for regular tourneys and more cowboy donks has got to be an advantage I think, and being alert rather than drifting off in the Sunday Million would probably help too. Just not sure whether the body can adjust to going to bed at 6pm, getting up at 1am and then working 9-5. Effectively it would be the same as working afternoons and evenings instead of mornings and afternoons.

I suspect this is a step too far even for my degenerate ambitions, but maybe it is worth a short term experiment during the next month sometime just to see if it's possible and hit more of the overlay tourneys. We're neglected over here in Europe you know !

I played two FTOPS satellites earlier this week too, made two final tables and got two crappy beats one in NLHE and the other in Omaha. At least I am making the right moves I suppose.

Still off the cigarettes, just over a week now and still no blow ups at work :o)


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