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Monday, January 28, 2008


Familiarity breeds it.

I've not played online poker for a week, mostly through tiredness in the evenings. Instead I've read a bit of The Poker Tournament Formula and been watching some movies. The book isn't one I'd recommend. The first few chapters basically tell you to try and get lucky early regardless of whether you're getting the money in ahead, then there is a later chapter relating this to chip stacks which invalidates most of the first half of the book. It would be a good strategy book for rebuys, but for a standard tournament it’s poor. Then again, WTF do I know ? If you want some more informed opinions there's a long thread on 2+2 here where the book is discussed in detail.

8 of us played a live game on Friday at Hooks' place. As usual it was HARD WORK for me. Being the most experienced player and sober in a room of drunks is painful with our group. I really wonder if it’s the worst game in the UK sometimes. Not only are we unable to stick to blind structures / rebuy rules but players are constantly having to be told whether their in a hand, what the bet is, why they didn't win a hand, who's turn it is. It’s a bigger grind than playing .10/.20 limit online. It's not all bad and there are still a few laughs in between but I'm happy we only do it 4 or 5 times a year. Poker shouldn’t be like that. The only reason I go is the gettings good, even though the whale won this one when his K4o beat Hooks' AK. It will take another 2 months before I've recharged enough to be able to say NH and smile when the whale hits his next gutshot.


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