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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Danger Zone

I'm in a really dangerous poker place at the moment, making poor mistakes and as a result not trusting reads and following through on them. That can get really messy when you call 3 times when pushing would be better and then push the one time that it's a guess. I'm not really registering information that other players are giving me during hands properly either. Really dodgy times. I suspect that only more concetration and practice at the felt can really overcome this lack of faith.

Last night I was shattered when I got home so I ate and crashed. In bed by 7pm. Awake at 2am, and then playing in the Mookie. Some good and some bad plays ensued, in particular 2 hands which I might post later with the HH's, I trusted a read on one but didn't follow through properly and made the play look terrible, then didn't trust a read which I am 90% sure would have been good. Spewing followed and I bust in 18th/66 I think after getting allin with an OESD and missing.

Won some $ before work in limit cash game and took second in an 18plyr SNG, not a bad start to the day, just wondering if I'm going to have an energy crash later on.


Blogger Schaubs said...

I just found your blog and noticed you playing last night. Crazy that you actually get up at 2am to play in the Mookie. I am impressed!

Good luck the rest of the way dude.

4:14 pm  
Blogger Shrike said...

I hope to play with you in future tournaments. Hopefully we both improve our play such that we don't look so foolish! ;)

5:24 pm  

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