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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day 2 of Quitting

Made it through day 1 ! Result. The nicotine patches are keeping my brain fooled and stopping me from acting like a complete idiot for now. The most difficult times yesterday were around 10.30, when I usually have my first of the day after coffee, leaving work at 5.30 and then from 7-8 pm after dinner. Cravings only really last for short bursts of at most 5 minutes, once they've passed everything is normal again.

I did play poker last night, busted in the first two tourneys I played (another suckout on Stars and a stupid call by me on FTP) So I stopped for a bit and watched Night at the Musuem, which wasn't bad, then fired up another 45-man $5 game and took second, followed by one final 45 game at bedtime where I got 5th (6 pay out) The 45's really are pretty easy, you are usually down to 18 by the first break and if you've chipped up from 1500 to around 4000 in that time it's a smooth ride to make the FT at which point aggression will get you into the money spots.

Here's my sharkscope graph for the 100 games I've played over the last month or so.

It's a very small sample size, but it looks good so I'll just stick it here to make myself look better than I am and massage my ego :o) Apparently the next RTR challenge is going to be 20 attempts at 45 player SNG's so I might just have to show up and have a crack at that one.


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