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Friday, January 11, 2008

Lazy Bones

The fourth day of quitting is over, and it's been plain sailing so far. Now comes a real tester, the first weekend. Playing so much poker this week has really helped distract me during the evenings, although the way I played last night that's all it was, a distraction, not something I was really focussing on to win. I ended up playing a mix of 180's and 45's but I was just playing my cards ABC-style and had no idea how anyone else at my tables was playing.

That's just not good poker.

So I ended with no cashes, mostly due to getting my money in ahead through good fortune rather than good planning but being outflopped outturned and outrivered. I need to remind myself that when poker seems like an easy game it's because I've been working hard at winning for the previous few sessions.

I'll be online and playing for the next 3 nights. Weather's crap so can't go out and do much. Can't go to the pub cause I'll smoke, can't visit friends cause most of them smoke still. Hope to catch you on the felt at one of these tourneys which I'll more than like be playing :

Friday - have fun go mad in the

Blogger DonkamentFull Tilt,
02:00 AM GMT
Password: donkarama
$1 + $1, rebuy + addon, NLHE

Sunday - mad dogs and Englishmen

9:00 PM GMT
Password: donkament
$5 + $.50, NLHE

P.S. Plenty of new links appearing in my list on the right there now, I'll have to do some culling soon too as it's getting to be a huge list.


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