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Monday, January 07, 2008

Two Thousand Ooooh-8

This year's got a kinda mysterious, sexy feel to it already doesn't it ? No ? Maybe it's just me then. I don't know what's coming but as long as we keep ploughing forward there's better than a coinflip chance that this year will get pretty groovy I reckon. I already managed to get my idle brain to do something cool and updated all my links by getting google reader to auto update them on the right there :o) If you ain't in, don't update or I've got the wrong addy just shout in the comments and I'll get it auto-fixed before you can say suckout.

I'm about 18 hours into into attempt number 3 of the stop smoking campaign. 1 minor blow up so far with a colleague, otherwise it's all good. This time I have a support "mentor" at the local hospital who reviews your week, does a carbon monoxide test and generally encourages. In the space of only a few hours my CO count has already dropped from 17ppm to 13ppm (normal is around 7ppm) The evenings of course will be the most difficult time so maybe there'll be some wierd emotional posts in the near future.

I'll be hard pressed to play any less poker this year than I did last, my current feelings for the game mean I'll be getting deeply invlolved with more and more of my free time being on the felt if everything goes to plan. Qualifying for some more shots at the Sunday Million would be nice, and I'll certainly put some effort into trying. Anyway, must go and try to look busy here at work, I'm trying right now to book a training course in Toronto !

Hmmm, I think Ooh-8 needs a motto

2008 - Live the life you've always wanted.

Sound Good ?

P.S. I remember a while ago there was like a blogger Irc channel, if any of you know where/what it is can you drop me a line cause I can't remember it. I know it's probably something hammer-related. Ok, I'm babbling. TanOut...


Anonymous Cloud said...

This post has made me get my a*** in gear, and update my own link list ;o)

10:51 am  

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