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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bad Times

Tradition dictates a Good Times post will be followed by a Bad. So here it is. Last night I played 4 tourneys. Two rebuy satellites and two standard MTT buyins. I went bust in 3/4 of them because I didn't have enough faith in myself.
One two pair vs a set on the flop, where I knew the only hand the guy could have was the set.
One pair of Kings UTG deep-stacked vs the only other deep stack at the table and I knew he had caught his straight card on the turn, though this was poor play by him he could justify it with implied odds.
One J high flush vs Q high flush.
and finally one pair of Queens vs AK, which is just fair enough.

The horrible thing about this is that I had good reads every time and went with my hand anyway as if I had to prove it to myself. How do I learn to trust myself in these situations ? At present the only way I can see is to keep doing this and being proven right enough times that it becomes a stronger urge to believe my instincts than to want to see the hands be shown. Another regrettable example of this problem is from the warm-up on Sunday. Holding TT in MP, it's raise-reraised up for 3 of us to see a flop of 854. There are two aggressive players with big stacks before me and it gets raised and reraised again before it's my turn to act. I feel my hand is good but instead of pushing the advantage I fold like a girl, only to see them both go to war with top pair good kicker. If I went with the heart on that hand I'd go into the top 10 stacks with 150 people left.

Just disappointing knowing I've been right in these spots and haven't had the heart to follow through. I think it would be better to get it wrong but have committed fully to the instinct.

The aim for the next few tourneys is to follow the instinct, and not be ashamed if it happens to be wrong.


Blogger BamBam said...

Quite profound Sir. Sounds quite familiar in fact.

I also have the issue of making the read, still making the play and finding out that I'm correct, but not going bust. I then either lose interest and squander away the remains or, make plays to prove that I can build a stack back up and lose them that way.

4:04 pm  
Blogger dD said...

have a little faith !!

and a very sweet result !



9:42 pm  

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