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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Most of you have nothing to fear, here's the list of blogs that have brutally clubbed over the head :

20kMission Not updated since October
Aussie Poker Went to Fiji in November and we've not heard since, who can blame him !
Billinga's Race to 100k It appears the race ended in May last year
But it was sooted Moved the blog to Wooooooot! (and is on a hot streak atm)
Cadmunkey This blog was hijacked in October so its dead
Check in the Dark Not updated for 2 months, that's long enough
Cowboy Poker Not updated for nearly 4 months, so twice as dead as Check in the Dark
Facty Blog moved to Factgirl
FishSoup committed Hara-kiri on Jan 16th
Iakaris is now at Iakaris [Redux]
Getting'Hammered! Not seen since Nov 14th, got hammered once too often ?
Guin's Canadian Poker Blog No updates for 2 months, out of action
Hammerheid For the first time ever, a scotsman is silent for 3 months
Hometown poker Disappeared on 25 July
Just a small pair Nothing since Oct 30th
Kenny's bad beat café Nothing since September
Loathing (and Loving) Poker Has had to go into hiding
Mean Gene moved to Gene Bromberg Mean Gene
Mias Dad Nowt since October
Monkey Tourney Nowt since November
N 82 50 24 Went AWOL in June
Nothing special here Nothing special since November
Poker Inspiration Tips Advice moved to Donkey Thrasher
Tawegian No updates since October
Pokercoaster moved to Raffel 69
PPPPPleasures another one gone since October
Rivered Phoenix blog got hijacked in September
Smooth moved to Smooth Please
Hdouble Gone but not forgotten, the link remains because the past posts are too good to die
Jesus Challenger Not updated since October
Brandon Not updated since September
Yorkie Moved to Yorkshire Pudding Poker
Weakplayer Nothing since April !
Shaniac Not updated since November

Jeezuz that was hard work. Couple of new blogs and poker update to follow.


Blogger BamBam said...

Reading thoughts....
"Great! It's alphabetical."

Followed by...
"B-B-B-B- woooo00000ooooT! No Bam-Bam!

I then noticed an 'I' before 'G'.. and went into shock mode!

"Please no Bam, please no Bam...."

Then there was ...

"B...........randon. Whew !!!!!"

So not fair! Screwing not only with the alphabet like that, but with the emotions of self-depricating and self absourbed blogger brethern like that.

I mean come on man! Have you no decency?

LOL.... Weeeeeeeeeeeee.
Safe for one more day at least.

8:33 pm  
Blogger TanOrpheus said...

LOL BamBam, safe for one more post at least !

10:41 am  
Blogger ntrem65 said...

I didn't go awol! I just switched blogging platforms to Wordpress so my feed changed. I'm still alive and blogging @ natarem.com.

-N 82 50 24 / Nat Arem

5:40 pm  

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