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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gambler sues Bookie for allowing him to lose £2M

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Not sure who's side I'm on in this one. At first I was with the Bookie because I thought the Gambler had opened a second account in a different name, but having read the story the second account was opened again in his own name. WillHill must have flagged it as well, with him being such a high roller. I think I'm on the side of the Gambler now. He used the self-exclusion method the bookie provided on his old account, but it was so easy to circumvent by opening a new account that it was almost pointless having it. That might mean the bookie neglected their duty of care.

Seeing as I haven't yet secured a regular valentine by impregnating unsuspecting young fillies, unlike Burnley Mik and Yorkshire Pud
, I will tonight be attempting to play 11 45-man SNG's on Stars to finish the "RTR 45 challenge" before the deadline of midnight tomorrow. I can't play tomorrow night because we've got a bowling session with work. I haven't been bowling in over a year and my style is best described as inconsistent. Usually my top form comes during the first quarter of the third beer, with lots of gutterballs after that.

I can feel a cull of links coming on too. I see lots of posts on blogs along the lines of …
"I played in x blogger tournament today and got busted by x's hugely retarded end of the world, the sky is falling play"

Maybe they need to point out it wasn't their mistake, they are superior to x in this instance. Well guess what, humans make mistakes, even bloggers. Sometimes they even benefit from their mistakes. You play a game that allows you to win because of their mistakes the majority of the time. I think it's about time you got used to the fact that sometimes it swings the other way, especially if you're one of the few really good players. The better you are the easier I would think it is to accept that this is the way things are. No amount of bitching about it is going to help. That's one of the reasons I have so much admiration for Phil Ivey and so much disdain for Phil Helmuth.

It's getting really boring reading blogs that just "out" other peoples mistakes on every single post. But I readily accept that all other poker bloggers make fewer mistakes than I, have worse luck with the RNG, and therefore should not listen to a word I post about this.

Finally I shall apologise in advance in case I make it to Kat's Therapy™ tomorrow night, because if I'm there I'll have been out drinking for 8 hours and will likely be very, very drunk


Blogger BamBam said...

I'll be feverishly watching for the cull. My tears are ready and waiting, just in case. I just ask that if you cut me, do so gently and with all the pomp and circumstance 'Bedrock' so richly deserves.

Ya, a quick flush oughta' do.


7:32 pm  
Blogger dD said...

am i to be culled ??

more to the point, will it hurt ?



8:39 pm  

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