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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The last two days have been hellish. I woke up on Monday with a mild headache and popped a couple of hedex and walked to work. By 10am I was so I'll I couldn't move without feeling like I was going to throw up and my brain felt like it was trying to squeeze out of my skull. Migraine. Only the third one I've ever had. I left work at 11 when it was only getting worse and spent the rest of Monday and all Tuesday lying in the dark waiting for it to go away. Watch TV ? Couldn't. Look at laptop screen ? Couldn't. Read a book ? Couldn't. Totally, utterly useless. I did go to the docs to see if there was anything better than hedex he could give me. Wouldn't. I told him there's only one thing in common with any of the migraine's I've had in the past, chinese meals the day before. MSG ? Seems logical no ? Not according to my doc, it's probably a virus he says. All doctors say that when they don't know what else to explain it with. I'm sure it's MSG or some other ingredient in some of the chinese meals I've had. Not all chinese meals btw, just the very occassional one. Anyway I guess I'll have to avoid them from now on, cause two days just waiting for the pain to end isn't worth it !

P.S. You should be reading Hoy's Blog seeing as he just did a recap of how he crushed the 50-50 on Full Tilt.
I've sat at a table once or twice with Hoy in blogger games, and he always outplays me and probably has a note saying "brit donk" so it's nice to have a chance to watch and learn. Take Notes People ! It will make you a better player. Congrats Hoy !


Blogger Rosie said...

Theres stuff you can get over the counter at boots which may not change your migraine life but will make it marginally better. Even if you keep it in your bathroom cabinet and never use it, its worth having.
I don't know if you're taking any other meds, but ask a pharmacist and they should be able to help
(Didn't your doctor feel like they could impart this information?)
Glad you feel better now

7:17 pm  
Blogger TanOrpheus said...

Hey Rosie, nah I think my doctor is an idiot. I might get a new one before I really have something serious wrong with me, cause I wouldn't want him diagnosing it ! Thanks for stopping by, nice to know you're still here ;o)

10:20 am  

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