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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super-bowl, Super-tuesday, Super-bad

Boy I'm tired, 3.30am bedtime on Sunday after staying up to watch a very exciting final quarter of the Superbowl, Go Giants ! As the saying goes, it matters more when there's money on it, so my £10 @ 5.5 on betfair made it matter to me. Some of the plays in that last 5 minutes were just brilliant to watch, even for a guy like me who doesn't know the game very well. More good news is that the Chargers are going be playing in London in October. As my adopted team thanks to their win against the Colts I may have to make the trip over the water to see the game at Wembley.

It's Super-Tuesday today, that's a big primary day in America for anyone who's got their head in the sand. Seriously after the last 2 elections nothing would suprise me but I surely voting Republican again, based on the last 7 years, must stand up as one of the most stupid decisions America can make as a whole. Your economy is looking seriously fucked up and Dems have a far better ecomonic record the Republicans. (If you earn over $200,000 P.A. feel free to reverse that statement). It's not like I have a vote though so what good does it do discussing it here !

Superbad is an excellent funny film, it's the usual college kids party humour thing but it's well done and laugh out loud funny. Not laugh out loud funny is No Country for Old Men, but it is an awesome film, you'll need to in the mood to be challenged when you watch it, but just sit quietly and appreciate what's being put in front of you and it'll be one of the best movies you've ever seen. My friends watched it round at Twister's on Saturday night and I think they all enjoyed it. Thanks for the Steaks T, it was delicious.

Later, we put Amir Khan's boxing match on and after a few beers I fell asleep rather than throwing a whitey, at one point in the 4th round it was a coin-flip for me between sleep and throwing up. Thankfully this time, I held up.

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Blogger $mokkee said...

ya man, you gotta get over there to see the Chargers if you can.


6:49 pm  
Blogger Rosie said...

Myself, I'd vote for Obama.

Not that it makes a scrap of difference what I think because I don't have a vote either!

8:19 pm  
Blogger BamBam said...

"at one point in the 4th round it was a coin-flip for me between sleep and throwing up."

Man I gotta' get you over here for some practice! Between the two of us, Al and I will have you whipped into shape in no time!


10:10 pm  
Blogger TanOrpheus said...

You'll have to be quick, the older I get the less tolerant my body becomes to abuse.

9:41 am  

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