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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just beats

You've been warned, I don't owe you a dollar, just skip along to the next post.

Worst things first, my sister was admitted to hospital this morning with suspected Appendicitis. Not dangerous, but concerning all the same.

Medium beat, part good part bad. Work gave me a rise in my review, but with the new taxation scheme being introduced in this island "paradise" in April the effective raise is only 1.2%. I guess in the current economic cock-up I should be happy I get anything. They're also trying to switch me into another team but its just a crappy job that no one else wants to do so I have to justify all the reasons they need to keep me where I am before we meet again on Wednesday.

Poker beats (sorry you can skip to the end now).

Getting 15k chips in the first 6 minutes of a $3 rebuy is definitely a good beat, but it can only go downhill from a high like that. We got into the real part of the tourney and I missed flop after flop and a had a luckylooser on my left. I knew the game was travelling inevitably towards a hand where I would get allin vs this guy and just hope to not get unlucky. Fate dealt me QQ UTG+1, I raised 4x. He min reraised. Folded to me I go allin. He calls with KJo and flops a K and turns another.

Played two $5 27plyr SNGs. In the first found a guy from Rio who played any two every hand. Got allin with 8 left my TPTK vs his Q high flush draw. He hit.
In the second I get QQ first hand. One limper I pop it to 5x, he calls. He bets out the ten high flop I reraise, he reraises I go allin. He calls with A-Ten and turns another ten.

Love this game but it tests me even more now I'm smoke free. 9 weeks today btw :o)


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