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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New links

Seeing as last nights post had little poker content I'm going to hit up some new blogs I've been reading recently. Go take a gander at these folks, just make me a promise you'll come back !

Joanne's back (maybe) !
Poker Philosopher
JD Shellnutt
KJ won the Saturday with Dr Pauly this week
Mini Donk !!!!

There's more to come but that's plenty to keep you going

And finally a little strategy…

There's one situation in an MTT that pretty much suffocates me into being unable to play a hand unless I get dealt really great hole cards. It's sitting at a table with a big stack loose aggro player on my left. I just can't make any moves when I get in this situation and I end up sitting there waiting for a decent hole cards to go with. (ie my QQ vs KJ in the last post)

If any of you kind people have got tips for what you do in this situation I'd be very grateful for some insight.

Thanks in advance !


Blogger Riggstad said...

I think thats the perfect scenario you want... It shouldn't make you uneasy, it should make you happy.

and you are correct in waiting for the hand, because if he is aggro, you should be able to get most of his checks.

And of course if you are short to his big stack, you want him in the BB next to you. Shoving K high into a folded table from the small to this guy will probably double you up. Most likely he will call with any 2.

The only disadvantage is it might take away stealing possibilities from you knowing he is likely to call any two as well...

3:09 pm  

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