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Monday, March 10, 2008

Slapped about a bit

I've swear I've been under some kind of curse for the past 24 hours. Both Stars and FullTilt have been kicking me in the junk in the kind of sequence I haven't seen for a while. It all began when I went from first to worst in two hands during SWDP. I had the chip lead with 10 left when I got all my money in on a flop of J7A with JJT6 (going from memory not 100% on the hole cards) against A7Qx, the turn and river were both queens giving my opponent a better full house. That was a huge pot and would have put me in the lead for 12k+ chips when no one else was above 7k. I then had to fold my flopped two pair to a river bet that would have put me allin on what had become a flushed board.

I still managed to scrape along at the final table, despite being in the dank position the whole time. Unfortunately though I bubbled in 6th but I'm really enjoying omaha, I should really read that book again now that I've played some more of the game.

Texas holdem tourneys were just as bad, KK vs KQ allin on the turn on a JQ59 board and the river was a ten for the split, etc, etc, etc. Yeah I know I owe you a dollar for each story. Just hit me up next time I'm in vegas. I told everyone in the britblogger I was having a bad RNG day, so 23skidoo #### - Correction! - It was Riggstad - #### said he'd help me out when I reraised him preflop with KK, he pushed his AQ and made a straight. He tried to help me again later when I pushed presto (55) and he called with AQd. I flopped trips but that wasn't enough to beat the hex and he turned and rivered a diamond to send me home ! Presto is gold for Fuel, not me.

I should quit when it gets to the point where I know I'm getting my money ahead but am waiting for the suckout to come. Instead I played 3 or 4 more small buyin SNGs and just scraped a cash in one of them. I did call it a day eventually, but it was long after I should have.

As this post has been all bad beats and not very helpful for you or me here's some other posters you should be reading.

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Blogger Riggstad said...

It wasn't 23skidoo.. It was me.
and I am truly sorry for that.

After MooMoo ches e down with a runner runner flushy I was on puch tilt.

After your RNG comment, I figured it best for you to have them.

I also picked you off with the Flush on the Riv.

all for not. I busto somewhere around 11. So ghey.

See you next week Bro. you are linked!

5:55 pm  
Blogger TanOrpheus said...

Ooops you're right ! Yesterday is such a blur ! Thanks for the linkage.

6:34 pm  

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