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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Storm (not in a teacup)

This is my 250th post. Sorry it's not about poker !

You might have seen on the news that the UK has just experienced one of the most severe storms in years for the past couple of days. You can read the BBC coverage
here. Over here on my little island the seafront took a battering, totally destroying the top of the sea wall. The power of the sea is awesome.

Flooding at junction

Sea Wall

If you look along the right hand side of the wall you can see where it remains what it used to look like, with the big capping stones on top

Huge granite capping stones

Always respect the power of the sea !

*I didn't take these photo's but I've been told it's ok to post them since they're being emailed to everyone and his dog in every office in the island. If you took these and would like credit or for me to remove them please drop me a line so I know. Thanks.



Blogger Riggstad said...

Water owns everything...

Including Granite capping stones!

Hope you came thorugh it ok :)

5:37 pm  

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