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Monday, March 31, 2008

Strange week

I've played hardly any poker since Sunday. It's mostly down to feeling exhausted when I got home from work each day and partly down to having two wins last weekend (the RTR league game on Friday and Brit Blogger game on Sunday) My poker mindset is usually on tilt after winning an MTT and although these are basically two-table SNG's and not huge fields I still felt if I played I wasn't going to take losing very well. Getting busted at some point is the natural expectation in an MTT and in order to play effectively I accept that outcome before I signup.

Friday night I went out on a first company-wide do in years, free bar at one of the local establishments. A year ago I hardly ever drank, then I moved into town and went through a phase of going out every Friday and Saturday. The last month it's been occassional and sporadic, so Friday's consumption was over the usual threshold. I do remember being on good form for a while but don't remember leaving, walking home, stopping at the take-away, feeding the cats or going to sleep. It's usually around the 6 pint + 3 shots + fresh air mark that my memory goes and I guess we didn't have that many drinks more because my hangover was only a dull thud and not the misery it could have been if I'd gone on a full tilt bender of a night. Having sensible friends like ActionRich and TensionGirl around when you're approaching the point of no return is definitely +EV.

I'm still sorting out the video clips from last weekends Brit Blogger too, so the highlights will be up soon, but I'm slack so it's taking time. Kaja stopped by and said he can't see the flash files on previous posts, if anyone knows anything about how to cure this I'd be grateful for a comment. I suspect it is something to do with certain AV software treating *.swf files as if they may be a threat. But that's only from google searching and there's a ton of stuff out there. It could be something completely different.


Blogger Cell 1919 said...

Ahhh...the demon drink!

I didn't drink much when I was young but now I seem to have moved into the rarified world of football away trips my supping is rather more intense. The trouble (is it a trouble?) is that because I didn't put the training in when I was younger I can no longer seriously binge drink, which as I aver to, is not necessarily a bad thing until and unless you overdo it and realise that you've gone past the point of no return before you've finished the third pint.

By binge drinking I mean five pints, not twenty, by the way.

99% of my drinking is done at football. I virtually never drink while playing poker (it would dull whatever small edge I may have from time to time) or even watching TV.

Jekyll and Hyde I guess.

Jees that turned out longer than it was supposed to, and reading it back I'm not sure you were intending your blog to be used as some sort of AA confessional!!!

Good to see you winning those tournies. Did you play last night or did I simply miss you?

12:17 pm  
Blogger $mokkee said...


the Chargers schedule came out today and guess what?



10:49 pm  
Blogger BamBam said...

Just checking in and hoping all is OK. Send me a sign!

1:34 pm  

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