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Monday, March 10, 2008

"Live" blogging the $3 rebuy

** NOTE If you're reading this in a feedreader it won't show the videos so wont make any sense. You'll have to visit my blog to see the whole thing. **

Lets see if this'll work out

K, so we're past the rebuy period now, I went from 2.8k chips to a little over 12k with 5 minutes left of the rebuy when my 44 flopped a set vs 4 allins.

First big hand in the second hour

K looks like that's working :) Hope u can see a video there otherwise this wont make much sense.

Here's the next interesting one. I might have played my KK badly by not raising PF, but my notes on the first raiser indicate he'll pay me off so I just called to try and hide the strength, that let in the guy with AJ behind me. But he was probably coming along even if I had reraised from the way he's been playing

Those hands were an hour ago. I took me that long to get the video embedded and working ! I've lost chips through blinds / missing a couple of flops. So now I get dealt 99 on the button, the two players to my right both limp and I overraise to 4,800 basically half me stack. We pick up the action on the flop.

Then I'm dealt a BB special, could I win more here or is it fine to protect my hand on the turn ?

I wonder how long the video bandwidth will last ? It's a distraction but good fun !

Raised presto UTG and took the blinds, raised Jc9c in the SB and took the BB.
Moved tables.

Bit card dead, break time and getting short stacked
Your current position is 313 out of 409

Surrounded by huge stacks, I need a hand

Ask and ye shall receive !

Running 3 hours and 35 minutes we're ITM with 378 places paid. It's all chicken feed from here until the FT, but at least it covers the cost of playing.

Limping 88 UTG is kinda stupid.

Took out a short stack with Ad2d vs 4c7c. Didn't catch it on vid !

Having a hard time seeing any opportunity for steals at my table, and now I'm getting low in chips I'm going to need a real hand again

Stole the blinds raising KQo in MP. fold JQo UTG I have just over 10BB's

The two guys to my right have decent stacks and are stealing pots and blinds relentlessly. I know coming over the top with nothing is the "right" play but I don't have the balls to do it !

I should have pushed A4o UTG, now I'm a cripple and the blinds have gone up it won't take long now

Scrap that, miracle cards save me just in the nick of time, I'm still short though.

Shortly after I raise with AQo and take the blinds.

Take the blinds with 84o raise from the SB, finally have enough chips to do things like that. That and everyone thinks I'm mega tight

Get caught trying to steal from the cutoff DOH !

Have to resort to getting chips any way I can, but make it to the break 124 out of 150.

BUSTo ! Good shove ?

At least I went out to a monster ! (and won $40!)

That was an interesting little experiment, the hands aren't that special because I was really just playing my cards due to the whole live-video-posting thing. I think next time I'll record the whole lot from start to finish and then I can edit it later and show hands of interest a little better. Was good to see it works though, better than reading a hand history isn't it ?
If anyone else feels like trying it you can get a free trial version of camtasia to record the hands and if you need any pointers just give me a holler on the IM.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those videos are pretty neat! glad you didnt video the bloggerment. Could have been a video nasty.


1:02 am  
Blogger Ingoal said...

Camtasia is fine, but why buy a software if you can get similar stuff for free? Back in the day when I gave screenrecording bloggerments a shot I was using the Windows Media Encoder (which is free)...and it worked out like a charm (e.g. the WWDN - http://www.poker-tastic.com/images/wwdn.wmv)...

12:45 pm  
Blogger BamBam said...

It's a very cool toy Tan!

But remember! Creativity breeds madness! Oh wait! We like that don't we?

2:02 pm  
Blogger TanOrpheus said...

Thanks for the tip Ingoal, I'm just on the trial version of Camtasia at the moment, would decide to buy it later maybe if I use it a lot, or just find something else thats free :o) Nice WWDN vid !

2:48 pm  
Blogger TanOrpheus said...

Madness ?! Here ! My latest hand histories definitely show some madness creeping in !

2:49 pm  
Blogger Ingoal said...

P.S.: Here's another alternative, open source, http://camstudio.org/
maybe you wanna give this a try, too...

9:46 pm  

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