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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The weekend starts here

Easter rocks 'cause Jesus died for our sins and rose again, and we get 4 days to gamble and repent. The beauty of this for us Limeys is it creates a chance to play in a BBT event and a Sunday million without having to take holiday from work or create jet-lag without even leaving the house.

The Riverchasers Online Poker Tour is on Full Tilt, 9 PM EST / 1AM GMT
Password: Riverchasers
$10+1, NLHE

Yeah I know you're dead money at 1am, but if you have your horseshoe working properly you could win a TOC seat and a chance to go to the WSOP. Surely that tempts you a little ? Not to mention the fact all bloggers are super polite and never moan about bad beats and suckouts, it's the friendliest poker game on the internet*.

Hope to see some of you folks still awake and boosting the prize pool a little for me anyway.

My mission to navigate the minefield of the $3 rebuy ended with yet another ITM finish but only for a breakeven amount at 165th/2980 or something. I did learn something new though. Whilst getting 12k+ chips in the first hour is ideal to give you a shot at going deep, if you get stuck at the tightest table in the tournament for the first hour it is still possible to go the long haul with only 4k chips at the break. This is because players with pictures of themselves in cowboy hats are idiots and will call an allin with 88 on a Q76 board when you hold KK. Good times :)

See you tonight !

* statements made on this blog maybe further from the truth than they appear.


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