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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It's easy to smile when your aces are cracked by a gutshot if you've just hit quads on one of your other 3 tables.

(No we weren't allin preflop)

Something profound should spring to mind here about how it's all a long term game and you're always getting quads will even out every gutshot-busted AA, but it doesn't work like that usually does it ?!

It's hard to find the words to describe last nights session. That's because I should know more words for a man my age. It was comfortable, easy, right. Most importantly it was enjoyable. I fed the cats, entertained them for half an hour and then booted up 4 180's. With nothing on TV worth wathing it was easy to focus on 4 tables and get into the game. A lot of things went my way (like the quads/ AA > KK / 77 > AQ & AJ) and a played some good poker and some not so good poker. The finishing positions were 179th (aces) 16th (itm) 11th (itm) 19th (bubble) and finally 2nd.

I should be pleased with 2nd, when we reached the FT I was the short stack and I remained the shortest stack until we got down to 5. With 3 left the table looked like this

I feel if I was playing the A game I should have won it from there. Instead I was giving all the action and having wild swings with my stack. At one point I had the chip lead, then lost it to a set. I kept getting real low then doubling up but it was only a matter of time and my luck ran out when my paired J was no good against Senki's two pair. Still, not a bad string of short term results.

As you can see on the top right (above my long list of links) I've set a brief target for the next few weeks, turn $100 into $1000 at 'stars. Yep, cash is tight at the moment and two trips away in the next 3 weekends are making me tighten my belt even more. It'll be worth it though.

Good luck boys and girls, I'll mostly be playing more 180's tonight and reading about CK and F-train's journey through america.


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