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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alkehol N Pokah

Got slightly drunk last night on wine at my flat owners association meeting, it was good though. I'm fortunate to live in a block with some great people (but there's always one) fortunately he wasn't there last night !

Alcohol and poker don't mix so I made the genius decision of playing a $50 MTT on Stars, I'm such a smart cookie. Proving my smartness I committed myself to a hand where my opponents betting was suspicious and looked very much like he had either nothing or an overpair. When he re-reraised allin I knew he had the overpair but "I was committed I tell you!" I called and he flipped AA. I felt so smug that I knew what he had. That's why poker and alcohol dont mix.

After that I watched what seemed like 3 hours of England vs USA (soccer) It was a very dull game as friendlies often are. England won 2-0 from a Terry header and a classy Gerrard finish. Whilst England looked OK but not great, the USA looked nothing like the team we've heard are improving so much. I think it was the USA coach after the game who said they played poorly even by their standards.

Just heard Against Me! and Supergrass are supporting the Foo Fighters next weekend at Wembley. Next Friday can't come quickly enough !

I've ditched the bankroll counter on my sidebar as it was making the sidebar as big as the rest of the page, for now it will appear at the bottom of my posts once a week instead... like this :

TanO's Operation

P.S. Youranus looks like a great place to visit, I'm just not sure I've got the bankroll for it !


Blogger dD said...

lmfao !

"genius decision " ... oh yes, been there :(

as for drunk on Sat, prolly best way to play PLO ... i do wait 'till the final tho' :)



9:45 pm  

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