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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Late win, good times and bad times

After the excitement of the Champions League final I finished the night with two SNG's, a 9 and 27 man game. I bust from the 9 man game in 6th when I ran JJ into AA. It was so obvious too, it should have been an easy fold. I did win the other one.

That game was yet another example of surviving on the bottom rung until the game to came to me. My luck for survival with a short stack has definitely improved of late. I was in last place from when we 19 left until there were only 9 of us, then with escalating blinds I went on a tear and was chipleader by 2:1:1 when we were down to 3. After a long-fought heads up battle I sealed the deal with A3o vs K3o and neither of us improved… Ship it ! Bankroll growing slowly but surely and good decisions being made most of the time. Good times.

But, (there's always a but) it's my mates stag do in France this weekend and we're taking the boat over on Saturday morning for Karting and Paintball. We're all really looking forward to it. The problem is those pesky striking french bar stewards. Their fisherman have decided they don't like paying high prices for Diesel so they're on strike. But rather than just strike (that's not good enough if you're a frenchman) they've blockaded the port of St Malo, amoungst others, which means no ferries have got in for the last 2 days. All we can do is cross our fingers that the lazy pigs get bored of their blockade before Saturday, either that or wait till they go on their 3 hour bloody lunch and try to sneak in while they aren't looking. Another alternative would be an assualt on the landing beaches, but I don't think 6 of us is going to be enough manpower. Bad times.


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