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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lots of action, even for the night

Another good night filled with lots of poker, the end result of which was even on Stars and up $24 on Betfair.

I took an early exit from my first 180 of the night when a genius decided that AQ was good to call an allin on a J high rainbow flop with no straight draw. He river the A to bust my TT. While I was getting sucked out on in that game I regged for another 180, a $3 rebuy to the Sunday million and the standard $3 rebuy. I also joined a $5 tourney with 2537 entrants, I think it was 10k gtd.

I made big early progress in the Sunday million rebuy and was way ahead of the blinds, whilst hitting some good cards in the $5 big tourney, so they were good to just simmer while I thought about the other rebuy and 180. After getting no improvement to my stack in the first hour of the rebuy I quit when I couldn't double up on the last hand before the break, I'd spent $12 by having one double-rebuy. Reached a medium stack in the 180 though when I trapped with a fullhouse and got paid.

As you can probably tell my screen was getting a little busy. The worst thing about having multiple tourneys up is they obviously don't break at the same time, and as I wasn't on my laptop I couldn't get mobile to relieve myself or cook dinner. When the next tourney to break came I clicked away from all of the others and made dinner. I missed about 8 hands in the other tourneys, unfortunately one of them was this -

Free hand converter brought to you by CardRunners

Seat 1: Odyssey2001 ($28291)
Seat 2: tirrenoset ($10045)
Seat 3: Les Lalondes ($18880)
Seat 4: jangeno ($5596)
Seat 5: Oregone ($7495)
Seat 6: TanOrpheus ($27750) Sitting Out
Seat 7: paul hermann ($18015) -
Seat 8: Evolnomar ($17515) -
Seat 9: Bricklayer30 ($30330) -


Evolnomar posts small blind $150
Bricklayer30 posts BIG blind $300
Dealt To: TanOrpheus

ANTE Odyssey2001 ($25)
ANTE tirrenoset ($25)
ANTE Les Lalondes ($25)
ANTE jangeno ($25)
ANTE Oregone ($25)
ANTE TanOrpheus ($25)
ANTE paul hermann ($25)
ANTE Evolnomar ($25)
ANTE Bricklayer30 ($25)
FOLD Odyssey2001
FOLD tirrenoset
RAISE Les Lalondes ($900)
FOLD jangeno
RAISE Oregone ($7470)
FOLD TanOrpheus
FOLD paul hermann
FOLD Evolnomar
FOLD Bricklayer30
CALL Les Lalondes ($6570)


Pot: $15615


Pot: $15615


Pot: $15615

Les Lalondes:


Oregone collected $15615 from main pot

Total pot: $15615 Rake: $0

Final Board:

Seat 1: Odyssey2001 folded before Flop didnt bet - Net Gain/Loss: ($-25)
Seat 2: tirrenoset folded before Flop didnt bet - Net Gain/Loss: ($-25)
Seat 3: Les Lalondes showed [Jd Kc] and lost with a pair of Jacks - Net Gain/Loss: ($-7495)
Seat 4: jangeno folded before Flop didnt bet - Net Gain/Loss: ($-25)
Seat 5: Oregone showed [Ad Qh] and won 15615 with a pair of Queens - Net Gain/Loss: ($9020)
Seat 6: TanOrpheus folded before Flop didnt bet - Net Gain/Loss: ($-25)
Seat 7: paul hermann button folded before Flop didnt bet - Net Gain/Loss: ($-25)
Seat 8: Evolnomar small blind folded before Flop - Net Gain/Loss: ($-175)
Seat 9: Bricklayer30 big blind folded before Flop - Net Gain/Loss: ($-325)

Free hand converter brought to you by CardRunners

Aaaargh curses ! I eventually busted 31st from this Sunday million satellite, how different it could have been if I'd been at the computer when my aces were folded !

Meanwhile, BurnleyMik from RtR had offered to stake someone in the 8:30 pm $10 MTT at Fulltilt on a standard 50/50 less buyin deal. As I've pretty much cashed out at Fulltilt I offered my services hoping we could both make a little money. BM took me up on the offer and that game started with 188 players (18 paid). At the same time a load of RtR members joined a freeroll at Betfair which Annette 15 was playing in with a price on her head. 248 were in that and 27 paid.

The freeroll was fun and fairly smooth going, Annette was on my right for one orbit but didn't steal my blind. Myself and YorkshirePud both cashed, but he did far better than I, making the final table and finishing 4th for $160 compared to my $24 for 13th. I busted 13th in my 180 too (coincidence ?) which was itm for a tiny score.

While I continued to feel my way through the 2500 entrants in the $5 game my focus turned to the game I'd been staked in. It was tough going at times, playing bottom rung poker for a lot of it but I've been getting used to that in the last few days and my short game has improved a bit. Alas it hasn’t improved enough for me to actually get a cash for BM. I went out 10 shy of the money with 55 vs AJ when a J spiked the turn. Presto is gold for anyone but me ! Shortly after that I was out of the long game too in 134th. Which was good for just $17.

I rounded off the night with some quick SNGs, 3rd, 2nd and 4th in one-table games and 7th in a 5-table game were good for another small profit and brought me even for the night at Stars.

Tonight it’s the Champions League Final between two English teams with American and Russian owners, on a dodgy Russian pitch in the middle of Moskow. Leaving possible pitch troubles aside, there's only one way I really see this going, it'll be a very tight game and go to extra time or pens. I suspect Chelsea might score first but Utd will certainly score at some stage. So 1-1 after 90 minutes seems reasonable. Given the season it's been, there is only one fitting way for it to end, and that way is for Christiano Ronaldo to score the winner at the death of Extra Time. You just know it. Unfortunately I've yet to find a bookie who'll take an accumulator on that bet. They will let me do all 3 separately but not one bet.

Anyway that's all for today, tonight I'll mostly be watching Utd beat Chelsea and playing more 180s.
Good Luck !


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