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Friday, May 23, 2008


I played pretty poor poker last night, which was mostly caused by tiredness. I entered around $30 worth of little tourneys and didn't money in any of them but bubbled in one 45 player SNG. To my credit I did recognise that I wasn't playing very well and stopped for an hour while I made dinner, had a coffee and entertained my cats for a bit. Not to my credit I went back to playing after that in a $4 180. I was determined to right my wrongs from earlier.

Though I played better in snatches, it wasn't a smooth flowing feeling of cards falling that you get when you're playing in the zone poker. I did ok though and final tabled even after some donkey tried to bust himself with A9o and made a flush vs my trip 7's. That netted me a little payback of $25 for 7th so I ended the night $9 down or thereabouts. I should hopefully be on better form this evening after a decent nights kip.

The french have stopped their blockade so we will be going to Dinan for the weekend. Leaving 8am Saturday and returning 8pm Sunday. I should be back in time for the Sunday million so I might try and sat my way in just for giggles.

Good luck at the tables folks, until I see you again I will mostly be driving go karts with the speed and skill of Lewis Hamilton and avoiding paintballs with the agility of a wildcat !


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