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Monday, May 19, 2008


Just a few things a need to get off my chest. I am no expert, so feel free to add yer own opinions in the comments. This is what my blog is for anyway, right ?

1 - Big Brown just won the preakness putting him on course for the first triple crown since affirmed in 1978. We should be filled with great excitement about this amazing achievement but instead it's a massive disappointment to read that the horse is pumped full of the same steroids which have tainted the likes of Barry Bonds and Ben Johnson. It's a great shame that the record won't be comparable to any of the previous triple crown wins and will be yet another in recent history to stand alone with an * next to it. I've done my best to appreciate the "sport of kings" but for every step forward in this arena there are two back and it often leaves me feeling disappointed.

2 - Another sporting one. UEFA cup final. Thank goodness that the team playing positive attacking football won out over the team that was playing negative defensive football. From a neutrals point of view this was a relief. The game was awful and Rangers did manage to bore us with back-passing and defending for 72 minutes but finally succumbed to Zenit's attacks. Judging from their behaviour after game (attempting to destroy Manchester) and since (crying about how many games they have to play because they were still in 4 competitions) Rangers fans got what they deserved. Only one question remains, McCoist said they knew the first goal was going to be important… in that case why didn't they try to score it ?!!

3 - LOST. I am either too stupid to "get it" or the show is just a well wrapped parcel of crap. When it all started we all got LOST ourselves in the novelty of a show that left us confused at the end of each week. Unfortunately the season break gave us a chance to reflect and realise how disappointing it was to not have any reward for the investment we put in the show. I still watch LOST just to see if there's anything good happening but it's the same storylines making no sense week in and week out. More questions than answers. I hate LOST for cheating me into watching it.

On a high note Indiana Jones is back this week, judging from reviews so far it seems there is hope that George Lucas hasn't ruined it like he did with Star Wars. Fingers Crossed.

If you made it this far thanks and sorry… I'm a first class whinge-bag :o)

Until next time… I'll mostly be loading up $4 180s and finishing ITM


Blogger Scott said...

nice return on the 180 mate, I know the feeling when you feel you did not play your best and cost yourself first place. I had that happen the other day.

I tried again to add you to my blogroll(I use google reader to populate it) it says you dont have a feed. If you go into your google/blogger account and set it up I would appreciate it.

Blogger is blocked from work so the only way for me to see my daily reading is on google reader.

8:36 pm  
Blogger TanOrpheus said...

wierd, I've got it feeding into my google reader. You may have to put http://ornatepush.blogspot.com/atom.xml
for it to work ?

10:26 pm  

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