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Monday, June 16, 2008

Beautiful Day

Me, I just can't find the zone these past few days. Sure I've played a couple of SNG's & tournaments but I've had no focus so all I've been doing is playing my cards. Not a recipe for success, just one of the many ingredients. I know it'll come it's just a case of making sure I play every day and pretty soon my mind will get into the pattern again and looking for the right things. I might go back to old faithful $3R tonight, and I'm thinking a little attempt a meditation will probably help a lot too.

Just went for a walk round the harbour at lunchtime in the glorious sunshine. Whilst this made for a fantastic lunchtime it's crippled me for this afternoon as all I can feel is agitation that I am not outside, in sunshine, on the water. As the saying goes, even a bad day on the boat is better than a good day at work. That's just about the only thought going through my head right now. Ah well, only 4 days till the weekend and god willing it'll be a windless scorcher with only a 2ft swell that'll be the first of many great days this summer.

Take it easy, make the most of the good weather, and raise your good hands. I will be.


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